Good Energy Group has re-engineered the EPC partner model. We are committed to solving inefficiencies within the solar industry by reimagining what a partnership really is. We strive for a deep understanding of how to create happy homeowners during their contribution to a more sustainable future. We’re not your typical solar contractor. We hold an (A) General Engineering License # 1083738.

Gather data on location, survey, and in information to design and layout best suiting your needs.


Design a System based on engineering results and begin the processes to build.


Oversee the entire solar system build, permitting, and project flow.


Gather data on location, survey, and in information to design and layout best suiting your needs.


Gather data on location, survey, and in information to design and layout best suiting your needs.


Gather data on location, survey, and in information to design and layout best suiting your needs.

What is an EPC Partner?

EPC within the solar industry means Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. A term widely used by companies that help to provide end-to-end solar energy services includes designing, installing, and procuring the details necessary for the system.

Step 1: The Consult
Get your free design from Good Energy Group or an Authorized Dealer. Our experts personalize your solar system design to match your energy consumption needs either in person or over the phone. We break down your current utility rates, design your new solar system, and calculate how much money you will save with solar. This design includes a diagram of what your new solar system will look like.
Step 2: Site Assessment

Site assessments for solar projects are examinations of the region where the solar panels and other equipment are to be installed. The main purpose of this activity is to acquire all of the essential information for a successful solar system installation. A site assessment is an important aspect of any project’s effective execution, especially in the solar field.

Step 3: Engineering and Permitting
Structural plans and calculations will be handled by Good Energy Group removing the burden from your shoulders. Whether the panels will be on your home or on a separate structure, we can ensure that you employ safe, legal plans for your solar installation. Our designs and calculations ensure that your roof can safely support the weight of the panels after installation and that your structure is wind and earthquake resistant. Good Energy Group delivers structural construction permits for residential and commercial solar installations.
Step 4: Installation
The big day has finally arrived. Good Energy Group will arrive and begin preparing your roof, including double-checking that all tiles or shingles are firmly fastened. Installers will begin placing racking, which holds the solar panels in place. The panels are installed on the racks, and the inverter (or several micro-inverters) is connected to them. Your installer will also set up a battery bank if you have one. Following the installation of the equipment, the electrition will then run the necessary wiring to connect your home solar system to the electrical source.
Step 5: Permission to Operate
The final step towards connecting to the grid is gaining permission to operate after your solar system has been installed on your property and your local authority has completed its own inspection process. The utility official will normally inspect the inverter, the connection at the electrical panel, and the system’s performance. They will also install a new meter to measure your solar electricity exports to the grid, allowing you to benefit from the utility’s net metering incentive.
Looking for Info before getting Solar?

We have spent years educating and helping out our local community as well as all of southern California educate themselves and learn what the best alternative energy solution available to them is!


Good Energy Group has this industry figured out! We are a top-performing solar sales group that has worked with the biggest companies in the industry and not one of them comes close. GOOD has provided us with a path to success. We now have access to the most advanced and user-friendly technology, the best dealer and customer support, and the project managers are by far the most responsive we have worked with.

Katie and Marissa,

(Sol Connection Founders)

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