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Solar continues to advance year after year, and it’s an exciting time for large-scale energy storage. Good Energy Group EPC’s storage engineering team is ready to talk about our years of experience and endurance as the industry has evolved to include more technically complex projects. You’ll hear firsthand how Good Energy Group EPC has turned our experience into direct value for our customers through engineering, implementation, safety, and product selections, while also hearing about innovative ways Good Energy Group EPC is using DC-coupled solar-plus-storage technology to help our customers feel more relaxed within solar.

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As the industry expands storage deployment, so does our commitment to providing industry-leading solar olds storage and standalone battery facilities. Working directly with experiences integrators to engineer, procure, and build the best integrative solution for your project. With over a decade of experience building some of the country’s largest PV solar plants, we’ll help you take on challenging new territory and make the most of your time and budget.

Battery Back-Up System Options


• 3.3kWh Energy Capacity
• 4 Embedded Micro-inverters
• 1.28 kW Power Rating
• 10 Year or 4,000 Cycles Warranty


• 10.08kWh Energy Capacity
• 12 Embedded microinverters
• 3.84 kW Power Rating
• 10 Year or 4,000 Cycles Warranty

Energy Storage Safety

As an early player in energy storage with a successful track record of battery installations, we understand the complexities of new technology and evolving AHJ regulations and building codes. At Good Energy Group EPC safety is one our core guiding principles, and our top consideration as the industry develops new best practices for energy storage systems. We have refined our process to identify and reduce potential safety risks, work closely with battery vendors/integrators to build safer systems, understand permitting, and educate the field and construction crews working with new battery technology.

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