Construction & Permitting

Whether you already drive an electric vehicle (EV) or are thinking of getting one, charging is critical. Good Energy Group provides the option to install a residential charging station so you can avoid waiting in the middle of nowhere for your vehicle to charge.

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Superior Professional Procurement:

Good Energy Group EPC has in-house logistics teams that will manage your materials needs from start to finish. Our team will ensure the best materials at the right cost are sourced for your project needs. With our negotiated master supply agreements, we are able to lock in competitive pricing and comprehensive warranty terms for our clients and their projects.

Solar Panel Construction:

After planning with our team, the last step in the process is the construction; this involves mounting the solar panels, and accessories, and installing the grid connectivity and solar implementation s in line with existing power lines.


Once installation in complete, a solar EPC company will offer after-sale care maintenance to monitor and ensure the system is alway running as it should be. When working with a licensed EPC, all services are under one contract. This streamlines the process for the client, ensuring peace of mind by all having all branches of the Solar Panel installation under one roof.


Who takes care of permitting for the project?

GOOD. Energy Group takes care of filing and obtaining all permits required to legally and properly install and turn on your home solar system.

Who is Responsible for Verifying everything is being done legally and safe?

Ensuring Legal & Safe Solar Solutions

At Good Energy Group, we take your safety and peace of mind seriously. That’s why we have dedicated experts responsible for verifying that everything we do is not only environmentally responsible but also legally compliant and safe.

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Discover how our team of compliance and safety specialists work tirelessly to ensure every solar project we undertake meets the highest standards. Learn more about our rigorous processes and the difference it makes for you and our planet.

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Do I have a say or have prior notification to construction?

Your Voice Matters in Solar Construction

At Good Energy Group, we believe in collaboration and transparency. You absolutely have a say and will receive prior notification when it comes to solar construction on your property.

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Learn how our customer-centric approach ensures your preferences are heard, and we keep you informed every step of the way. Explore how we work together to tailor solar solutions that align with your vision.

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