Design & Engineering

Our solar engineering experience and design are integral to ensuring your long term goals are easily attainable. With our team of structural engineers and NABCEP Certified installation professionals, we will design your system for optimal performance, which was crucial in our team securing state levels SRECs within Illinois, and ensuring your return on investment (ROI). ongoing solar panel maintenance services (O&M) guarantee that the initial performance projections are reached year after year.

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Project Feasibility

• Site Assessment
• Project Budgets
• Financing
• Regulatory Work

Initially, a site assessment is conducted with your approval and scheduling to allow our solar engineers to plan and engineer your new home solar system efficiently. At the same time, our installation team will work out the best strategy to install your new system while protecting your home.


• Panel Layout
• Electrical Design
• Structural Design
• Performance Analysis

Experts in designing your home solar system and panel layout, Solar panel engineers design location-specific solar panels and solar energy systems. Working in various applications of the solar energy field, including building, planning, installing solar panels, and working to improve solar technology through data, lab developments, and field experiments.



• Analyze the client’s requirements and proposed solar system
• Perform a site survey
• Monitor prevailing weather conditions
• Determine the best structural design for maximum power generation
• Selecting the equipment to use and creating a 3D model of the solar units


Who is Designing our New Solar System?

GOOD. Energy Group has a great team of qualified and experienced professional engineers who specialize in home solar system engineering and the unique architectural needs required to navigate all aspects of solar design process.

What is a Solar Engineer?

GOOD. Energy Group solar engineers work on the design and construction of solar system projects considering the production of energy and location obstacles. Coordinating the layout of panels, inverters, and electrical components to optimize the amount of electricity they can produce and how efficient the system can be to prevent any rapid degradation of any solar system component. They can also work on solar heating and hot water systems for residential or commercial buildings.

Why is Solar Engineering and Design so important?

Proper solar system design is needed for safety and is a mandatory requirement for permitting. A huge benefit of this process aside from safety is providing us the ability to make your new solar system and efficient as possible to save you as much money as possible!

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