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Funding Partners:

• Customer / Contractor Support: 1(844) 562-6725
• Hours: M-F 8am – 6pm, Sat. 9am – 1pm
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• Customer / Contractor Support: (855) 746-7849
• Hours: M-F 6am – 7pm, Sat. 7am – 4pm
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• Customer / Contractor Support: (855) 746-7849
• Hours: Mon.-Sat. 7am – 6pm
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• Welcome Call Number: 1-800-993-0613 

• Best support is on the portal, an orange chat bubble pops up when you are under your customer account.

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Proposal Builders:

• Customer / Contractor Support: Live chat within portal quick response time
• Hours:
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• Customer / Contractor Support: Best support is on the portal, an orange chat bubble pops up when you are under your customers account.

• Welcome Call Number: 1-800-993-0613 

• Best support is on the portal, an orange chat bubble pops up when you are under your customer account.

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• Welcome Call Number: (951) 252-6383

• Hour: M-F 8 am – 7:30 pm

• Prelimininary Milestone Analyst: Yuliana Gonzalez (951) 475-5565

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Operations Contacts

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Solwerks CC Script

Power Agreement

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Q: What are your hours of support?

A: Support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Urgent requests outside these hours will be accommodated as possible.

Q: Can I come visit your location?
A: Visits are by appointment. Please coordinate with your account manager to schedule.
Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Operating for 7 years, with 3 years under the Good Energy Group entity, we’ve been providing solar solutions reliably and innovatively.
Q: Where do you install?
A: Section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions, addressing common queries to aid in navigation and utilization of our services.
Q: Do you offer commercial funding?
A: Commercial projects are typically funded through the property owner’s banking channels, as large projects are generally cash transactions for us, facilitated through private funding.
Q: Do you charge for proposals?
A: The first 10 proposals are free. Subsequent Aurora and SunPower proposals cost $20 each. SolWerks proposals are currently free, with plans to introduce a cost-free system for dealer-owned tools pending.
Q: What is your average installation time?
A: Installation times range from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on permit acquisition and local AHJ processes. Time frames may vary with project complexity
Q: Do you require batteries?
A: Batteries are recommended for systems offsetting more than 60% of energy use, though not required for all installations.
Q: Do you guys use in-house crews?
A: We employ W2 service technicians and vetted build partners to ensure quality and extensive coverage across California, supported by a strict quality assurance program.
Q: Do you do roofing?
A: We perform some roofing in-house and collaborate with trusted partners for comprehensive roofing solutions alongside solar installations.
Q: What are your adders?
A: Additional costs for project enhancements or complexities are detailed in our Dealer Portal, under the ‘Adders’ tab
Q: When do commissions get paid?
A: Commissions are disbursed the same day we receive project funding or within 72 hours after final payment, as per our dealer agreement.
Q: How do I submit a job?
A: Jobs are submitted through our dealer portal, ensuring all necessary documentation is complete.
Q: Can you help close my deal?
A: While we focus on the engineering, procurement, and construction aspects, we offer sales support and resources available in the dealer portal
Q: Do we add on system?
A: System add-ons are generally allowed, except for SolWerks PPA projects, which have specific restrictions.
Q: Can I use my own roofer?
A: Personal roofers may be used subject to our approval process, ensuring they meet our quality and warranty standards. Roofers must complete our build partner onboarding process.
Q: Can I get your dealer fees?
A: Dealer fees are integrated into Aurora and subject to change. They can be reviewed under the ‘Funding Partners’ tab in the dealer portal, though real-time updates are provided directly through Aurora for accuracy.
Q: Can I use my own proposal tool?
A: Currently, we require the use of specified proposal tools. We are exploring solutions for broader tool compatibility and will update dealers on future options.
Q: How do I get a roof quote?
A: Roof quotes are requested through dealer support. Please call or text 951-474-0909 for assistance.
Q: Who are your funding partners?
A: Our partners include GoodLeap, Sungage Financial, Mosaic, SunPower, and SolWerks. Detailed support and contact information are available under the ‘Funding Partners’ tab.
Q: Where are you located?
A: Our headquarters is at 26685 Madison Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562, servicing all of California.
Q: Are you looking to expand?
A: Expansion is a key focus, with plans to serve more areas. Updates on our growth will be shared as they occur. Currently applying for licensing in Arizona, with Texas and Florida in our sights.
Q: Is an HIS license required?
A: An HIS license is needed for most transactions, with a waiver option for sales reps conducting virtual sales from authorized locations.
Q: Do you do commercial projects?
A: We focus mainly on residential but accept commercial projects from exclusive dealers meeting a minimum 200kw quarterly volume due to the complexity and requirements of commercial projects.
Q: Will you do a job walk before a contract is signed?
A: Job walks are part of our post-contract process, except for exclusive dealers who submit commercial projects. For these, a $1000 fee applies pre-contract, along with a property owner-signed letter of intent. In the case the owner decides to move forward the $1000 will and can be allocated as a down payment.
Q: What's your redline?
A: Our competitive redlines vary by program, designed to support optimal commission structures within sales organizations. Redline specifics are available in the partnership agreement.
Q: What is your base module?
A: We use a black on black 400w module, with options for upgraded modules at an additional cost. Our selections are regularly updated for quality and efficiency.
Q: What is your base inverter?
A: The Enphase IQ8+ is our standard for ownership projects, selected for its compatibility and durability across solar modules.
Q: What proposal tools do you use?
A: Aurora is our primary tool, with separate systems for SolWerks PPA and SunPower for respective project types.
Q: What is the price per square?
A: Prices vary by project and are provided upon request, depending on materials and installation complexity.
Q: How do I build a project on Aurora?
A: Aurora projects are guided by our dealer portal tutorials or support team, available Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
Q: What are the requirements to submit a deal?
A: Submission requires funding security, a signed contract, customer verification, a new deal form, and a scheduled site survey, with additional documentation as needed.
Q: How do I submit a site survey?
A: Site surveys are scheduled via our dealer portal, with detailed
instructions for submission provided within the portal.
Q: How do I track my jobs?
A: Job tracking is available in real-time through our dealer portal’s ‘opportunities’ tab, which includes updates and communications.
Q: How do I track my pay?
A: Payment and commission tracking are managed through your accounting dashboard in Google Sheets.
Q: Do you provide leads?
A: Lead generation support is available for exclusive partners exceeding 200 kW per quarter. Interested partners should contact their account manager for more details.
Q: How do I onboard my reps?
A: Rep onboarding is facilitated through our dealer portal, featuring training, resources, and product/process familiarization. Click the ‘New Rep Onboarding’ link to begin.
Q: Are you willing to explore other funding/PPA programs?
A: We’re open to new funding and PPA opportunities that align with our goals. Special requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact your account manager to discuss.
Q: Do you offer [specific] equipment?
A: A wide range of equipment options is available and detailed in the ‘Adders’ tab.
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